Why You Should Purchase an Equity Indexed Annuity

If I show you a product that does not charge you a management fee out of your pocket and will have the same average return and actual return; a product with which you can take up to 10% per year with no surrender penalty and gives you upside potential to the market with no downside exposure, would that be something that might interest you?

I feel there are 4 major benefits when it comes to Equity Indexed Annuities.

  1. Protection against principal loss. Meaning: if the index goes down, you don’t lose a penny.

  2. The power of the annual reset feature. This allows you to lock in gains every year the index is positive!

  3. Low or NO management fees.

  4. Guaranteed income for life (with the guarantee income rider).

At this point you may be thinking, “Well, if this is such an amazing place for me to put my money, why haven’t I heard about it?” This is probably my favorite question people ask, because I get to respond back with, “Where would you hear about such a product?” Wall Street? Nope! Your financial advisor who happens to be under the influence of Wall Street? No! Your CPA? I don’t think so! It is too risky for them to step out on this branch from a liability side because they are not insurance or securities licensed. The point I am trying to make is to look at the facts on the chalkboard! It is not about me, Wall Street, the financial advisor, CPA, or anyone else. It is about what is best for you! What product do you feel suits you best? Sometimes, it’s a variety of strategies depending on people’s risk tolerance.

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